Digital Interactions



Integrated, Proactive Digital Notification Platform enabling 2-way interaction with users and/or intelligent chatbots. Proactive internal and external notifications (SMS, MMS, Email, Mobile App, API’s)

AI/ML Driven delivering real time communication comprehensive tracking and KPI reporting Enhanced service delivery and customer experience. 

What is Buzz ?

Buzz, an enterprise omni channel Notification platform enables 2-way communication between sender and receivers. By using receiver preferences based on time, location and other parameters, it supports all your digital needs, from messaging APIs to orchestrating omnichannel communications.

Why Buzz ?

Channel Reach

  • Buzz delivers message through multiple channels, such as: EM(Email), SM(SMS), RC(Robocall). This helps business to enhance the reach and visibility to customer with favoured channels. •
  • Ability to set the channel preferences for customer communication, honouring preference business will be delivered.


  • Buzz surveys will be benefitting the business to get the idea about the customers feedback about service.

Consumer Reach

  • Through Marketing templates and mass notifications, businesses can reach to prospects and leads for promotional information, offers and events.

Communications enhances customer experience

Today’s customers are accustomed to anytime, anywhere communications in their personal lives and expect the same treatment from product and services companies.

Our Buzz intelligent notification platform lets the customer determine how and when they receive timely and relevant information. Omni-channel delivery options include text, email, video, web chat, voice or mobile apps.

Buzz provides a wide range of proactive notifications to inform customers about new sales orders, delivery updates, billing information, appointment reminders or service call summaries. Keeping your customers updated, enhances the customer experience.

Personalized, customer-facing messaging

Buzz provides a template library of predefined messages based on your industry and use cases. Our platform makes it easy for department managers to create templates that deliver consistent, customer-facing messaging for their various scenarios. Having a template library organized by workgroups saves time and ensures that the messaging is readily available to send out.

Predefined messages can be personalized for each client interaction, so the information is personal and relevant.

Real-time, two-way messaging

One of the key advantages of Buzz is it offers interactive, twoway communications. When your customer receives a notification about an appointment, they can respond directly to the message and provide updates such as they are running late or need to reschedule. Customers can cancel an appointment and reschedule in real-time using our automated scheduling capabilities.

Predefined emergency alerts

During emergency situations such as inclement weather, service outages or road closures, it is critical to notify people in the impacted areas as quickly as possible. Using our proactive outbound messaging platform, you can predefine a series of emergency alerts that require minimal customization during the actual emergency.

Keep employees informed

As employees become more reliant on their smartphones, it is only natural that employers would use it to communicate timely and relevant information.

Notifications about contracts, team meetings and upcoming benefits enrollment are just a few examples of proactive notifications that employers send out.

Buzz report card

The Buzz report card provides a detailed overview of all the messages and notifications that are sent through Buzz. Reports can be generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and can show accumulative results or be broken down by department or type of message.