StraViso supporting local governments with free digital communication tools to support the COVID-19 crisis


Today, StraViso, a global leader in Digital Intelligence software, announced the availability of its NorthStar platform for use by state, county and city governments to enhance their digital communication capabilities during the COVID-19 crisis.

StraViso is making itssoftware platform available, free of cost, to support government effortsto provide clear and timely communications to its citizens.

Currently, COVID-19 is putting undue stress on city operations and communications. Cities and municipalities are having to cope with an extra load of inquiries and information, leaving cities scrambling to figure out ways to streamline communications and engage their communities in real time.

StraViso, a Dallas based software company, is offering to assist municipalities by providing its Digital Platform ecosystem to support responses to the pandemic, helping cities, counties and states quickly develop communication management plans to respond to COVID-19. Municipalities can start to utilize our Municipal Platform within a few days to better support Wcity residents, businesses and visitors.

City residents, visitors and business owners are constantly looking for information related to operational changes,
cancellations or closures of city facilities, functional programs, and more. Due to city lockdowns, many offices and government personnel are not able to answer phones or respond to public questions. Even though this information may be available on the city website, it can be difficult for residents to find the right information and take necessary action. Residents and businesses may also need an easy way to report specific nonemergency incidents that can help city officials to take prompt action.

StraViso digital intelligence platforms can accelerate city responses to the COVID-19 outbreak. Some ofthe key opportunities are:

  • Interact with residents, visitors, businesses and employees using multiple channelsincluding Mobile SMS, Web Chat,Emails, Automated Calls, Social Media, etc.
  • Chatbotsto support and automate requests
  • Enable 24×7 support
  • Pass questionsto human agent for difficult orsensitive issues
  • Communicate information on operational changes, closures, cancellations of various city services
  • Collect information from residents and businessesthrough surveys
  • Appointment Scheduling and Management
  • Enhance staff productivity using a chat-based support ecosystem

With our cloud-based solution, municipalities can immediately register for service and quick begin registering residents, business and visitors for future communications and delivery of critical materials.

To learn more about how our Digital Transformation Solutions can help your municipality managed COVID-19 communications, contact us today at info@straviso.com or visit our website at www.StraViso.com