Digital Interactions


Easy to use, fast Implementation, seamless integrations with real-time monitoring

StraViso uses artificial intelligence (AI) and automation combined with our expertise to develop intelligent systems that streamline and optimize your end-to-end field service operations

What is FieldServe ?

Intelligent Mobile Platform

Our FieldServe platform provides a mobile tool kit that resides on your field tech’s mobile phone. It displays a wide range of applications ranging from job assignments to inventory tracking and from billing to product training. The mobile tool kit provides everything they need to be professional, efficient and productive.

Job Management

  • Scheduling
  • Job type & status
  • Customer details
  • Ticket creation
  • Location services
  • Maps & directions


  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory updates
  • Billing charges
  • Escalations
  • Jeopardy management
  • Feedback

Knowledge Transfer

  •  Video chats with product experts
  • Training videos and product documentation
  • Hot reads/announcements
  • Outages & alerts
  • Tech notes


  • Two-way communications between customers, techs, backoffice & management
  • Real-time scheduling updates
  • Sales referrals
  • Customer satisfaction survey

Management portal provides real-time snap shot

The management portal allows you to monitor projects and field techs in real-time. You can instantly see customer profiles, the total job list and status, details on escalations as well as which techs need special equipment or need additional time for their assignments.

Why FieldServe ?

Field managers and executives can use the FieldServe Portal to view and manage related business processes, manage user access and reference data, view reports and dashboards to drive performance.

Drive digital transformation

StraViso will work hand-in-hand with you to optimize your field service operations. You drive the speed of your digital ransformation. By design, our FieldServe platform is fully customizable and scalable. Our solutions are user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use and have a minimal learning curve.

Maximize productivity and efficiency

StraViso takes a strategic approach to understanding your business processes and workflows. We make your information flow seamlessly between the back office, field techs and customers. Our intelligent platforms maximize your team’s productivity, efficiency and communications

Improved Customer Experience

Customer experience is the foundation of our field service platform. Improving customer communications by sending appointment notices, interactive two-way communications and self-serve capabilities is just the beginning.

Field tech’s handle appointments more quickly and efficiently by using our mobile tool kit that extends the knowledge of the office to the field. They have immediate access to the customer’s profile, appointment information, how-to videos, back office systems and basically everything they need for the service call. The end result is happy customers. Intelligent

Integration eliminates siloed data

FieldServe provides seamless integration between your back office applications and field employees. Our system has the flexibility to integrate with your operational systems to provide consolidated information throughout the organization. This eliminates siloed data and increases the efficiency and productivity of all employees.

On-site customer requests

When the field tech is on-site, the customer frequently asks the tech to perform additional services. The tech can quickly create a new order with pricing and get the customer to approve the service order. Once the outlet is installed, the tech can document the work by attaching before and after videos. The customer then signs the customer agreement to show the work has been completed.

Business outcomes

  • Enhances customer experience, loyalty and retention
  • Streamlines processes and procedures to improve employee efficiency
  • Optimizes internal and external communications Lowers
  • Operating costs and increases revenues

The StraViso effect

  • Optimizes two-way communications between agents, techs and customers
  • Reduces time required to handle a call
  • Extends solutions from back office to the field
  • Improves productivity of your field techs
  • Increases number of appointments completed in a day
  • Provides real-time visibility of job management