Digital Interactions



In today’s competitive business environment, medical institutions are under constant pressure to:

  • Elevate Patient Experience
  • Improve Patient care and education
  • Streamline office operations

StraViso takes a strategic approach to address these issues using artificial intelligence, automation, and digital communication. We offer a mature, fully configurable and scalable digital intelligence ecosystem which helps medical businesses:

  • Optimize and automate business processes using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Engage patients on their preferred device or communication channel
  • Enable digital chat to replace costly voice-based customer service
  • Provide self-study access for courses, training programs and coaching

Our medical practice solution supports the patient experience, care evaluation and coordination, and backend office operations. Our digital ecosystem can be configured and scaled to meet your medical practice goals.


StraViso solutions transform your medical practice by elevating the patient experience, improving patient care and streamlining office operations.

Imagine your patients receiving automated reminders for their upcoming appointments using their preferred device. Our AI and NLP engine allows them to confirm or reschedule their appointment without needing to call the office. This full automation frees your staff to focus on patient care and critical activities.

The core of our capabilities come from our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. This system can automate patient communications using chatbots, automate patient reminders for appointments and streamline office activities like form completion. Any office or patient activities can now be optimized.

Our systems can communicate on any digital channel, also known as Omni-channel. This allows the systems to engage patients on their preferred device (Alexa, iPhone, etc.) or communication channel (text message, whatsapp, and more). You will reach your patients with digital services and automation with methods they prefer.

We also enable digital chat communications to replace costly voice-based requests. Digital chat is available on any device and any channel. Our chat platform is fully integrated with our AI and NLP engine, so automated chat functions are handled by bots without any office staff engagements. During chat initiation, our system gathers the patient’s request and vital information. Using these details, the chat platform determines how to route the session. In many cases an automated bot handles the request. Otherwise, the chat session is routed to right office resource with visibility. No longer do calls need to come to the office and transferred between multiple office members, each one having to ask the same questions. Patients can chat with a bot to check their account balance, request a specialist referral or see test results without any staff interruptions.

Elevating the Patient Experience

With a dedicated patient portal, automated two-way communications and interactive bots, your patients will experience a new level of inclusion and focus. See patient satisfaction rise as consistent and seamless communications coming from your office. With reduced wait times and faster response times from automated activities and efficient chat handling.

Digital Patient Care and Education.

Utilizing automation and the digital communication capabilities of the system, you will be able to achieve new levels of digital patient care and education. With the system, you can automate patient assessment and forms, assign and track digital patient care videos and activities, provide patient coaching and automate patient inquiries. Reach patients like never before when you leverage digital intelligence and communications in your practice.

Streamline Office Operations

Automate activities and patient requests to gain efficiencies in the office. Convert voice-based office support to digital chat to lower the time handling and transferring calls. Effectively track requests and tasks to ensure all inquiries and assignments are handled and closed. Our system measures office efficiency and helps identify processes for automation.

Save time and money by streamlining and automating operations while enhancing patient care and communication


We deliver these results through our comprehensive solution, which supports Patient Information, Corporate Groups/Sponsorships, Digital Communications and Automation, Appointment scheduling and management, Ticketing and Task tracking, Digital patient coaching and an automated patient assessment system.

Each system is fully integrated to provide seamless communications and operations for your organization.