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LNP Concierge

Order Assurance requires cross carrier communications due to new release codes.  Orchestrating communications between engagement systems and carrier B/OSS is largely manual adding to operating expense of the business and increases cost of acquisition.

Ops Cloud LNP Concierge enables a zero-touch seamless customer engagement and B/OSS AI driven integrator.  Enabling omni channel customer engagement for e2e order completion.

StraViso’s LNP Concierge powered by our AI Engine and Automation helps CSPs reduce port-in cycle time, ensure customer conversion and reduce operational costs. The same engine also supports Port Out management keeping transaction flowing per required SLAs.

StraViso’s LNP Concierge provides a platform to identify, organize, manage, auto resolve and work Port-In order fallout. Platform enables you to:

       Read Port-In Order Queues or Databases to identify fallout in real-time

       Organize fallout into workgroups to prioritize issues and direct toward specific skilled teams

       Apply automation to specific fallout for auto resolution

       Notify customers of porting issues and directly assist them in resolution

       Create tools to assist agents in fallout resolution

       Connect porting errors with additional IT systems to speed issue identification and resolution

Why LNP Concierge Real-time Order Handling: LNP Concierge will read your Order Queue or Database in real-time ensuring your team will handle the most current order revisions.  No more day-old reports for error handling.  Work issues in real-time while applying automation and advanced tools for resolution. Auto Porting Error Resolution: As each order and subsequent revision is handled, LNP Concierge will apply its configurable assignment rules to each order.  Through these assignment rules, porting errors can be targeted for automated resolution through the Lumen AI engine.  Our AI Bot can take input from external systems, determine issue resolution path and update systems of record to complete the port. Automatic Workgroup Assignment: Using Lumen’s Decision Engine, if the porting issue isn’t eligible for automated resolution, each order can be targeted to a workgroup to ensure the issue is handled by the appropriate team with the right skill and priority. Intelligent Workbench: The LNP Concierge Workbench provides agents a real-time interface to view, investigate and resolve porting errors.  Through our sophisticated interface, agents view order details, seamlessly link to supporting systems and access issue resolution tools directly from the workspace.  Agents can access all the tools they need to resolve clear porting issues without needing to open other applications. Automatic Order Assignment to Agents: LNP Concierge is designed to automatically assign orders to agents when capacity is available.  Using system configurations, LNP Concierge can assign orders based on skills, capacity and priority ensuring the right teams are working porting issues best suited to their skill and based on the most urgent need.
  • Auto assign Orders to agent work queue to ensure issues are worked on priority, error type and aging basis
  • Overview errors and issue resolution to receive 360° view of organization-wide porting operations
  • LNP Concierge continuously reads your Order transactions to find porting issues and instantly applies your assignment rules to the fallout. Through assignment, orders can be directed to bots for automated resolution or assigned to a targeted workgroup for agent resolution.
  • Automated resolution will invoke a Lumen Bot to engage customers to fix order details, apply business logic or interface with other systems to correct order issues. All without agent touch. Porting issues will be automatically resolved in the system of record to clear errors and complete the porting process.
  • If automated handling can’t be identified, fallout can be assigned to a workgroup which will focus on specific errors or priorities. Agents can be assigned to handle specific workgroup errors based on their skill profile.
  • As orders are updated by other systems, Order Concierge will automatically detect these revisions and ensure latest versions of orders are visible while applying the appropriate automation or assignments to those revised orders.
  • From our Cockpit, Managers can see an end-to-end view from Ordering to Activations, giving them the tools needed to direct resources and heightened issue investigation.

Workflow Configuration: Using Workgroups, Tools and Automation, LNP Concierge can support complex workflow configurations, allowing porting issues to be managed in a targeted, process driven approach.  Existing M&P’s can be supported to provide continuity to existing center practices.

Manager Oversight: Using the LNP Concierge Cockpit, Managers have a 360° view of porting flow, porting failures, work queue depth, issue resolution counts and issue resolution time.  Based on Porting Error Resolution metrics, the manager can see the performance of individual agents, individual workgroups and the entire organization.

Let LNP Concierge optimize your desk
LNP Concierge delivers real-time Number portability management.  With our intelligent automation and workbench capabilities, reduce fallout resolution time while meeting customer service activation expectations.

See LNP Concierge for yourself
Would you like to see LNP Concierge in action?  Contact us today at info@straviso.com to schedule a live demonstration of our platform and see how we can revolutionize your business operations.