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What is Lumen ?

Lumen, Artificial Intelligence Platform, acts as a catalyst to automate and optimize operations and is at the core of StraViso’s ecosystem.

An Omni-channel platform that provides scalable and secure system to create chatbots that can perform wide range of intelligent tasks as follows:

  • Communicating with people and systems via Natural Language Processing technology.
  • Leverage the same to drive customer engagements across multiple channels.
  • It automates the business process with seamless integrations over multiple channels improving customer experience.

Why Lumen ?

Lumen can be deployed, internally as well as externally.

  • Businesses can deploy Lumen internally in an organization for automating the business processes and decreasing manual labor. This results in enhanced Turn Over Ratio of organizations, and employee productivity as well.
  • The Businesses can deploy lumen externally for managing their end users, the Lumen chatbots are available right at the gate, as to enhance customer journey and experience across multiple channels.

Key Features

Omni Channel Platform

  • Multi-channel communication – Facebook, Google Home, Alexa, SMS, Email, Robo Call, Buzz, Webchat and many more.
  • 24*7 round the clock assistance on multiple channels, for resolving customer specific queries.

Autonomous Decision Making

  • Self-decision making, infused with cognitive intelligence..
  • Who, Which, when actions interpreted with ease
  • Quick query resolution

Self-learning and Supervised Bots

  • Customer Engagement Bot
  • Troubleshooting Assistant
  • Recharge Assistant, to name a few

Dynamic Nano Chatbots

  • Specific scenario, specific customer, specific chatbots
  • Offering a wonderful customer journey and experience.

SARA – Powerful Natural Language Processing Technology AI, NLP powered SARA, allows bots to

  • Interpret customer messages/enquiries
  • Analyze when and where
  • Identify entities – date, duration, time, name etc. from input messages
  • Respond by providing proper intent to customer messages/inquiries

Predictive Maintenance

  • Real-time Network Monitoring
  • Risk Detection
  • Pattern Recognition with Recurrent analysis

Omni-channel Platform

With a multi-channel approach, Lumen provide a seamless communication experience to the respective customers. Whether they’re interacting from a website, SMS, Robocall or any other channel, Lumen interacts in all the channels.
Omni-channel Platform

With a full breadth of capabilities, our end-to-end omnichannel intelligence platform, Lumen, is designed for variety of industry verticals irrespective of their business size and scale.

We stay ahead of industry trends to identify your latest business queries across all levels and roles for most verticals, demanding reliable and wonderful customer experience. Lumen can be deployed anywhere and in multiple verticals

Using Lumen AI system, StraViso has built the comprehensive Ecosystem of integrated Digital Solutions – Buzz, nexus, Pulse, KNEWS, KnowME, FieldServe and OmniDesk, that help enterprises accomplish their business goals.

Artificial Intelligence at work!

Business Impact

  • Automated business operations with seamless integration
  • Improved operational efficiency and drive growth

Highly Scalable

  • Deploy anywhere
  • Reduced costs, increased agility

Technical Feasibility

  • Real-time communication without human intervention
  • Supervised learning to self-learning transformation