Digital Interactions


In todays competitive business environment Media & Communications companies are under constant pressure to grow revenue gain efficiencies and improve customer engagement. ​

With the use of StraViso’s Digital Intelligence software, can address these challenges by improving customer engagement, empowering field technicians, companies transforming call center processes and streamlining back office operations.

StraViso’s digital communication and automation platform offers a mature, fully configurable and scalable solution which enables Media Communications departments to

  • Engage customers directly on any device or communication channel they choose
  • Notify customers and engage them in a digital dialog
  • Enable digital chat to replace costly voice-based customer service
  • Transform cumbersome time-consuming processes with efficient AI-driven solutions
  • Activate automated communication bots which communication using natural language conversion
  • Unify data and processes for their disparate IT systems

The StraViso Functions include:

  • Enterprise notification
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Field service optimization
  • AI-powered chatbots
  • Backoffice optimization

Our digital intelligence platform provides an over-the-top solution to your companies existing Enterprise applications enabling new levels of customer communication, automation and sales.

Fully configurable and scalable, our platform, can grow to meet your implementation and use cases.


Grow your Revenues

Digital intelligence systems give Media and Communications companies the tools they need to drive revenues higher.

Customers frequently have product or service questions, ordering problems or decision issues. Our AI-powered chatbots improve customer engagement during the sales process by providing timely information and answering any customer questions. Chat capabilities connect your customers directly to the help they need and ensure that sales are closed uickly and efficiently.

Use chatbots and agent chat to create upsell opportunities. Using our FieldServe mobile platform, field service and door-to-door sales agents can cross-sellupsell more products and services to customers. Backoffice agents utilize the unified desktop capabilities to create and submit orders.

Reduce Operational Costs

StraViso takes a multi-tiered approach to working with Media and Communications companies to reduce operating costs.


  • Introducing chat capabilities to replace traditional voice-based calls in the support centers.
  • Utilizing intelligent chatbots to further reduce support center costs.
  • Monitoring and automating desktop workows in support centers.
  • Tracking important assets and inventories in warehouses and in the field.
  • Reducing invalid or non- productive field dispatches and optimizing field service.
  • Monitoring process and software utilization to identify automation and process improvement

Our systems are fully configurable to grow and adapt as your business needs and use case change.

Raise customer Engagement

With StraVisos digital communications platform Media and Communications companies can notify customers throughout the customer eperience lifecycle.
Customers can engage with your business using any device, any channel and at any time. Businesses can utilize AI-powered chatbots or back office chat agents for customer support. Our platform also enables users to leverage chat, voice and video for effective communication. With the power of our two-way notification system, businesses can inform customers about their upcoming appointments and allow them to confirm or reschedule without any human intervention. Businesses can receive feedback as soon as a service ticket is closed, prompting the customer if the issue is resolved and even encouraging a survey to help track your net promoter score (NPS). Digital intelligence systems will transform your business, bringing new revenues, engagement and saving opportunities.
Digital Intelligence


StraViso’s digital intelligence platforms are used to enhance customer engagement and improve employee productivity in the field and in the back office, while reducing operational costs and driving revenue growth.

With Artificial Intelligence at its core, our platforms enable enterprise notifications and collaboration, field mobility and back office productivity improvements.

Our platforms utilize cloud infrastructure for easy scaling based on business demand and can be integrated with external systems for comprehensive benefits.

Omni-channel communication capabilities allow you to reach customers and employees regardless of their device and using the channel they prefer.


To drive results in the Media and Communications industry, StraVisos solutions work with your existing Enterprise platforms to elevate the customer experience, empower field technicians and increase call center efficiencies.

Our expertise in customer communications unified mobile field operations and call center efficiencies will transform your business without disruption to your eisting Enterprise systems. This over-the-top approach allows implementation times in as little as six weeks.

The components of our ecosystem work together to deliver a unified and standardized communication experience for your customer, field staff and office operations team.