Digital Interactions


Enterprise Collaboration Platform for Context & Task Driven Communication between various Internal and External Users

What is Nexus ?

nexus is an enterprise communication system which revolutionizes the way enterprise stakeholders interact with each other, both internally as well as externally.

It optimizes communication, enabling one-to-many (simultaneous) conversations as well as chatbot assisted flows, reducing human intervention and streamlining the communication processes within organizations.

Why Nexus ?

  • Simplifies daily communication by providing required information with useful actions to provide a seamless interaction via nexus chat platform.
  • AI enabled, capability to understand the context, providing apt response for first-level customer queries.
  • Seamless conversation across every channel, by retaining data and context for better customer experience.
  • Pre-trained to understand brand-specific or industry- specific knowledge and terms, it’s preconfigured to resolve common customer requests.
  • In-built agile options such as: Video chat, Workgroup Conference, Transfer chat and much more.
  • Quick interaction and problem-solving approach for customers.
  • Easy monitoring at an enterprise end.
  • Faster communication within organization, irrespective of the location.

Key Drivers

Skill based Routing | Dynamic Assignment | Specific Templates | History Audits | Analytics | Interface to Robotics

  • Controlled instant messaging, auditing, reporting, feedback
  • Admin portal for user management, templates configuration.
  • Real-time chat monitoring by supervisors
  • Interface for chatbot & robotics automation.
  • Conference, transfer capability for additional support
  • Third party integration with Skype, Social Messenger, etc.

Key Features

Chat Tools

  • Message
  • Canned responses
  • User information
  • Chat tags
  • File sharing
  • Timeline
  • Chat archives
  • Delivery status
  • Notifications
  • Transfer
  • Conference
  • Chat transcripts

Reports & analytics

  • Basic statistics
  • Chat reports
  • Ticket reports
  • Filters
  • Daily summary
  • Reports via AP
  • Dashboard
    • Waiting time
    • Average response time
    • Chat duration
    • Number of messages
    • Average agent rating
    • Average first response time
    • Exporting Report data
    • Leader board

Email Chat Transcript

  • Ability to email select chat transcript

Voice to Text & Text to Voice

Mobile users can use voice inputs too as input method for messages. Messages can also be played back.


  • Chat window theme
  • Flags / Logos
  • Messages and labels
  • Language
  • CSS customization
  • Engagement graphics

Team Management

  • Agent groups
  • Agent account managment
  • Agent roles
  • Chat supervision
  • Work scheduler
  • Chat limit

Chat Tools

  • Conversation Record
  • Use for Training Use for
  • Machine learning


  • Customize or disable any sound that is played.


  • Know every chat, every customer’s back story Help them better by knowing them & their support history even before asking One customer, one chat, one delightful
  • experience, on every chat


  • Workflow
  • automation
  • Webhooks
  • JavaScript API

Audit log

  • Audit log maintained
  • Activities that have been
  • undertaken by support agents

Service Levels

  • Flexible
  • Service Level definition

Getting Feedback

  • Chat ratings
  • Rating comments Ticket ratings
  • Post-chat surveys Satisfaction stats

Continue Conversations

  • No repeat questions Pull up prior conversations about the same customer or conversations with same Technician if there is a
  • constant pattern to know where they left and where they’re headed


  • Dynamic notification on email, SMS or message in Notifications triggered on
  • configurable thresholds
  • Flexible Threshold definitions by work group or individual users

Key Takeaways

  • Improve customer experience with automated replies with minimum or no manual intervention at level 1.
  • Quick interaction and problem-solving approach for customers.
  • Easy monitoring at an enterprise end
  • Faster communication within organization irrespective of the location.