Digital Interactions

Better Customer Engagement

is a Better Customer Experience

Learn how StraViso can improve how you engage with customers – inside and out.

Customer Engage Cloud 

We believe in delivering a Great Customer Experience through 360° customer engagement with our Engage Customer Cloud as it is a by-product of an efficient and well-designed
Omni-channel ecosystem.
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Field Cloud

We strive to deploy an Empowered Field service solution by AI and Automation through our Field Cloud as we believe in giving more power to employees at all levels of the company to engage with their customers in innovative ways.
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Contact Center Cloud

We trust in securing Customer Centricity and delivering Efficiency for a great customer experience through our Contact Center Cloud as our 100% efforts are directed towards optimization of contact center.
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Ops Cloud

We help companies to automate their operations and solve the complexities thru Ops Cloud by leveraging AI led Automation Platform to orchestrate workflows and enhance user experience
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Market Place

We drive Enterprise BOT Governance and Management Platform that allows business users, IT employees or consultants to search and subscribe to Industry’s best Automations
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StraViso delivers AI-powered solutions that seamlessly flow between people and technology to streamline business processes, increase productivity, improve customer communications and, most importantly, enhance the customer experience.



StraViso uses AI and automation to streamline manufacturing processes to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve product delivery. We enhance customer experience by monitoring product quality and providing real-time production updates.



StraViso uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing and automation to work with healthcare companies to streamline both their customer facing and back office system. The front office focuses on improving and customer communications.



Buzz is a secure, intelligent Omni-channel platform that lets the customer determine how and when the want to receive timely and relevant information. Delivery option include text, email, video messaging, web chat, voice or mobile apps.


WHO is StraViso?

StraViso helps businesses grow revenues, reduce costs, gain efficiencies and improve engagements with state-of-the-art automation and communication systems.

StraViso helps global clients turn business challenges into opportunities. We take a strategic approach to understand your business processes, workflows and interactions between departments and customers

Getting Started With StraViso

Simplify your automation lifecycle through StraViso’s AI powered platforms. The new automation experience will make complex things easy by serving different aspects of the business. The complete customer journey becomes efficient and aims at enhancing the user experience.

The solutions are designed with a low code, holistic and scalable components combined with intuitive and integrated support functions. StraViso enables you to respond to new demands as they arise and to maximize value for your business


  • Digital First

    Confidently use the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to meet customer needs, all with an easily scalable and “over the top” platform that means there is no need to replace any of your existing business platforms.

  • Customer Communication

    Deliver better customer engagement with two-way communication over web, text, etc.

  • Automation

    Save on costs and drive efficiencies by automating manual processes and repetitive tasks.


* Illustrative data from customer implementation

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One Modular Platform.
All your Engagement Needs.

StraViso uses a modular approach to meet your company’s individual customer engagement needs. Each product is designed to address a specific customer engagement challenge, and the products can be combined in a variety of ways, delivering industry and use-case specific solutions.

LumenAI Platform

At the core of the StraViso Ecosystem is the Lumen AI Platform, which automates processes and optimizes operations for organizations of any size and in any industry.




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