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Transform your customer engagement with hyper-personalized video messaging

People retain 90% of a message when they watch a video compared to 10% when they read a text.

StraViso’s USEE, an AI-powered hyper-personalized video messaging platform, is a powerful communication channel that enables customers to create immersive videos at a scale as easy as typing. With hyper-personalization, the platform helps businesses establish a personal connection with their stakeholders.

USEE leverages AI-enabled automation to merge customer data and personalized videos to deliver exceptional communication experiences to drive business growth. These videos are usually sent via email, text, or social media and can be received on any device.

Key Features

Add a personal touch to your customer’s digital journey.

A glimpse of key features of USEE.

Customer facing messaging

Allows a hyper-personalized video messaging experience to assist customers in conveying messages to intended targets.

Easy and hassle-free

Take advantage of built-in integrations and robust APIs to quickly create video messages.

Built-in integrations and robust APIs to quickly create video messages

The platform meets the stringent security demands. Data is secure and protected.

AI-powered videos in any language

By leveraging AI, a simple click is all it takes to generate a video in any language.

Work Process


Build customer trust
Improved NPS
Increase 2x CTR

Improved ROI

Ready to elevate your business growth

Empower your agents for improved customer engagement



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