Digital Interactions


We maintain Contact Centers as the focal point for enterprises from which customer interactions are handled through voice, email and the web, accessible from virtually anywhere. The StraViso Contact Center Cloud platform infuses AI and automation to scale up customer experience through contact centers and builds up a relationship for a lifetime. Our solution uses AI & Automation to give agents the context, insights, and intelligence to deliver timely, accurate responses to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value.

Operational efficiencies of Contact Centers are further enhanced thru:

  • reducing manual supervision
  • leveraging automated assistance
  • focus on workforce engagement by supervisors and
  • more quality time to agents with customers

Lumen CLICK, a StraViso desktop product, is easily configurable with various applications, parsing data elements from applications, and triggering intelligent bots to perform actions to execute a business process on behalf of the user.

Lumen START is the design studio which allows business users to create digital workers to be executed by Lumen CLICK. Digital worker can read and write information into applications or orchestrate business logic flow across a gamut of applications.

OmniDesk is an intuitive unified desktop platform offering relevant information in context of customer interaction. It eliminates swivel chair and automates repetitive actions and creates assisted workflow for business process.

The power of An AI powered Contact Center

Automation: AI automates the most repetitive tasks and let contact center agents focus on delighting customers.

Alerts: AI reduces training efforts of agents thru real-time error identification as there is processing of huge customer data.

Empower: AI recognizes new patterns and empowers contact center agents with intelligent guidance, recommending next best actions to quickly resolve complex customer issues.

Real-time checks: AI speeds up real-time error identification for contact center agent

Predictive Analysis: AI extracts data from multiple interactions leading to customer insights that drive predictive recommendations

Proactive Approach: AI recommendation engine, proactively delivers info in a simple format thus preventing agents to scatter between several sources

Business Benefits of Contact Center Cloud

AI amplifies contact center’s performance and drive new efficiencies with automation—before – during – after customer interactions. Listed below are the business benefits with this solution:

Omnichannel Experience

Platform provides agents with the resources and tools they need to streamline inquiries and enhance customer’s experience.

More Power to Agents

With AI powered content, agents have all the resources they need to handle inquiries quickly and efficiently thereby empowering them

Simplifies Job Training

New agents learn one desktop environment that has a single login thereby saving time and reducing cost over learning and training sessions.

Focus on personalization

With full visibility of customer feedback, portfolio and previous customer interactions, agents can take a comfortable personalized approach.

All-in-1 communication

Provides omni channel communication via text, web chat, videos, Facebook originated messages.

Conversational AI

Offer intuitive smart bot assistance with seamless transfer to a human agent whenever needed. This seamless transition from bot to agent and reverse is one of the most sought features.

Enhance Customer Experience

Improves operational efficiency by providing 360 degree view of customer information

Increases brand reputation & NPS

This solution provides agents with the resources and tools they need to streamline inquiries and enhance the customer’s experience thereby improving the net promoter score and elevating the brand value.