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A one-stop-shop for enterprise-grade intelligent automation

Deploying the best automation that benefits your business needs using automation recipes like automation for standard business functions, including desktop functions, process automation, user tasks & activities, automation from different vendors/providers, or automation from in-house COEs or IT teams. StraViso drives enterprise BOT governance and management platform, allowing business users, IT employees, or consultants to search and subscribe to the industry’s best automation.

Identify automation opportunities for your business workflows

Automation Market

Access all the information you need in one place. You can explore from a library of popular automation that aligns with your business needs. You can seamlessly browse and search through 100+ cataloged automation across the enterprise.

Field Cloud
Field Cloud


An easy-to-use interface enables business users to build workflows, automate with fewer clicks, and collaborate with bots. Users can start process automation and provide feedback to bots to resume processes.

Interactive dashboard for data analysis

Innovative dashboards help measure the impact the automation has on your business. It highlights metrics such as the processes’ success rate, run time, and details on the errors encountered. The dashboard also provides insights into the impact of your automation workflows within the business.

Field Cloud
Field Cloud


An engine that authenticates & enables execution of automation on all provider platforms including scheduled or event or user-triggered.

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Reduction in
operational expenses
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What’s next in Field Service?

AI and IoT are reshaping the field service management industry, offering unprecedented levels of efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

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Augmenting the field service workforce

Manage the complete pipeline of field operations anytime, anywhere.

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Drive enterprise agility with AI-powered SaaS products

Offering high-quality AI-enabled enterprise products, StraViso believes in giving the best to all business customers.

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