Digital Interactions

Ops Cloud

Fast-track automations with AI and transform repetitive tasks and processes. StraViso’s Ops cloud acts as a bridge to transform disconnected processes into connected, unified digital operations. You can gain agility and speed to stay at the competitive edge and even get to boost employee productivity and engagement.

By leveraging hyper automation, customers can reduce Order-To-Activate cycle time and increase business wins. Automation of manual tasks and processes not only reclaims your time but also reduce manual errors.

The AI powered Ops cloud allows Service Managers to create better customer supporting solutions. From speeding things up to reduction in costs to delivering a better customer experience – all helps in managing the customer journey in a seamless manner. These automated workflows help in intelligent searches, and making self-help more consumable..

Event Managers can plan more efficiently and elevate user experience by using  StraViso’s ops cloud. They can schedule events, view and share documents, register for functions via digital workers or bots, collaborate and communicate using omnichannel means. With 24 by 7 availability of digital workers, Event managers can manage user expectations and even work on real time insights or feedback.

Even the Local Number Portability Manager can benefit greatly by StraViso’s ops cloud. Intelligent digital workers capture real time insights from users and helps the LNP managers in conducting their portability work.

Business Benefits of Ops Cloud 

StraViso infuses AI and Automation to operations cloud and strives to scale up rate of resolution, create efficiencies and improve customer communication

The cloud features help you discover how the NextGen automation in your workflows can position you ahead of the user support automation

Guided Self-Service-Concierge
Enhance user experience by providing access to real time events, insights and reporting

Automate Processes

Orchestrate standard business processes such as sending emails, scheduling meetings and seeking approvals

Intelligent Digital Worker

Reach out to resolutions thru AI powered Digital workers and reclaim your time

Task Automation

Intelligent solutions designed to eliminate repetitive tasks and to augment human skills

Optimize Proactively

Predict potential incidents earlier so systems can proactively resolve issues before they impact normal operations.

Call Deflection

Deflect agent handled support by fully automating tasks to reduce mean time to handle requests

Omnichannel Approach

Initiate automations through SMS, MS Teams, Email, webchat and others to activate bots to get answers, ask for help and resolve issues.

Connected Workflows

Unify AI capabilities to triage cases, apply routing requirements and auto respond to customers using call deflection  or self service options

Improves productivity 

Automation of workflows and mundane tasks reduces manual efforts and errors thereby improving productivity and reducing operational expenses

Effective Collaboration

Improve human-bot collaboration and give employees the intelligence to act

No coding

Users manage workflows without code.

Intuitive interface

Users get comfortable using  this cloud, with its simple, easy-to-understand Interface