Digital Interactions


Place users in the driver’s seat of digital experience

What is KnowME?

KnowME is an unified, omni-channel platform, and it paves the path to offer on-demand, granular, preferential and interactive communications to users tapping all the touch points.

Key Features

Create, Update and Manage User Communication Preferences – Customizable and Configurable

Only what the user needs, using web portal and intuitive APIs.

Opt-In/Opt-Out Preferences

An extensible and adaptive framework, capturing granular opt-ins or opt-outs, in line with privacy protocols across all user touchpoints

User Preference Override

Preferences based on specific scenarios, specific time slots and specific users.

Ability to configure Date, Time Range, Channel Preference

Integrate with multiple existing systems to fetch channel preferences and communication frequency

Search User Preference using Multiple Attributes

Manage and Fetch accurate user details and determinations best suited preferences with ease based on the multiple attributes, such as: time range, date, availability etc.

User Authentication Module with Multiple Aliases

Single Sign-on along with multi-factor authentication offering secured access

Unified preference storage where user defines once and re-uses on multiple platforms

Easy and Interactive User Interface

User friendly interface with interactive graphics for a vivid user experience

Key Back-end features

Data onboarding from external system

Deploy easily with best-practice workflows for an easy access to user preference data throughout an organization

Data Cleansing

Identify inaccurate, unfinished and unreliable records from a dataset and restoring it.

Rest API interface to External systems to use preference data

Deploy easily with best-practice workflows for an easy access to user preference data throughout an organization and publishing to the relevant users.


Central location for all user consent preferences for viewing complete audit history for each user.

Why KnowME?

Why KnowME?

Personalized User product interest, channel preference, and communication frequency

Flexible and scalable platform for getting User communication preferences

Manage user’s preference profile across multiple channels – Email, SMS, Phone Call, Social Media, IoT etc.

Opt-in & Opt-out of preferences

Category based preferences mapping based on the user transaction

Ad hoc or short-term preferences for a specific time

Clear Insights on the demographics and communication channels

Rules based determination most suited user preferences

Omnichannel Solution with Re-defined User Experiences

Unified user profiles, agile, preference-driven outbound communication

User-specific personalized communication
Augmented user services increasing sales volume

Granular Preferences, done user way

Accurate measurement of individual user preference
Less user attrition
Cost-savings with reduced churn
Improved cross-selling ability.

Key Business Benefits


Efficient reporting for an admin to understand the current trends and preferences. KnowME will provide effective reports to understand the preference trends.

Set Preference

Set user preference using multiple attributes. Search for the specific trends as per the need. Filter criteria will be provided along with the fast search.

Seamless Data Loading

Data in different formats and different locations will be cleansed from external applications. Data cleansing functionality will decide the exact version to pick and use for KnowME.