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Digital Concierge

Enabling a zero-touch, omnichannel order management with AI and hyper-automation

Order assurance requires cross-carrier communications due to new release codes. Orchestrating communications between engagement systems and carrier B/OSS is largely manual, adding to the operating expense of the business and increasing the cost of acquisition.

StraViso’s Digital Concierge orchestrates a seamless, zero-touch customer experience. It’s an AI-driven integrator for Business/Operations Support Systems (B/OSS), ensuring holistic customer engagement throughout the order fulfillment process. Digital Concierge, powered by our AI Engine and Automation, helps Communication Service Providers(CSPs) reduce port in cycle time, ensure customer conversion, and reduce operational costs. The same engine supports port-out management, keeping transactions flowing per required SLAs.

Digital Concierge continuously reads your order transactions to find porting issues and instantly applies your assignment rules to the fallout. Through assignment, orders can be directed to bots for automated resolution or assigned to a targeted workgroup for agent resolution.

Automated resolution will invoke a bot to engage customers to fix order details, apply business logic, or interface with other systems to correct order issues. Porting issues will be automatically resolved in the system of the record to clear errors and complete the porting process. If automated handling isn’t identified, the fallout can be assigned to a workgroup focusing on specific errors or priorities. Agents can be set to handle specific workgroup errors based on their skill profile.

Key Features

Unlock consumer expectations with zero-touch CX.

A glimpse of key features of Digital Concierge.

Real-time Order Handling

Reads order queues and a database in real-time to ensure your team is handling the most current order revision. No more day-old reports for error handling; apply automation and advanced tools for resolution.

Auto Porting Error Resolution

Configurable assignment rules help identify porting errors, trigger an AI Bot for automated resolution, and update the systems of record to complete the port.

Automatic Workgroup Assignment

If the porting error isn’t eligible for automated resolution, the order can be assigned to the appropriate workgroup to ensure the right team handles the issue promptly.

Intelligent Workbench

Provides agents with a real-time interface to view, investigate, and resolve porting errors. In addition to viewing order details, agents can seamlessly link to supporting systems and access issue-resolution tools without opening a new application.

Automatic Order Assignment to Agents

Assigns orders to agents when capacity is available automatically. Using system configurations, the Digital Concierge assigns rankings based on skill, capacity, and priority to ensure the appropriate team receives the porting issue.

Workflow Configuration

Supports complex workflow configurations using workgroups, tools, and automation. Digital Concierge allows porting issues to be managed by a targeted, process-driven approach. Existing M&P’s can be kept to provide continuity to existing center practices.

Manager Oversight

Managers can use the Digital Concierge Cockpit to view porting flows, failures, work queue depth, issue resolution counts, and resolution time. Porting Error Resolution metrics are visible to the manager and can display the performance of individual agent(s), individual workgroups, or the entire organization.

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Digital Concierge

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