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Transforming patient experience and increase efficiencies in medical diagnoses


Medical data sourcing increases tenfold every year and the healthcare industry are facing difficulty coping with the rate at which patient records, prescriptions, EHR/MHR, and clinical research data are generated. Healthcare organizations fail to store, organize, and extract intelligence from it, despite owning such a huge volume of data.

StraViso takes a strategic approach to address these issues using artificial intelligence, automation, and digital communication. We offer a mature, fully configurable and scalable digital intelligence ecosystem which helps healthcare industry to:

  • Engage patients on their preferred device or communication channel
  • Enable digital chat to replace costly voice-based customer service
  • Provide self-study access for courses, training programs and coaching

Our AI-SaaS product portfolio provides opportunities to help reduce human error, assist medical professionals and staff and provide patient care 24/7.


  • Unsatisfactory patient experience
  • Improve patient care and education
  • Trust building and transparency
Work Process

Business Impact

  • 75%

    operational costs

  • 2 day

    Average TAT
    for decisions

  • 25%

    staffing costs

Patient scheduling and appointment

Imagine your patients receiving automated reminders for their upcoming appointments by using their preferred device. Our AI and NLP engine allows them to confirm or reschedule their appointment without the need to call the office. This full automation frees your staff to focus on patient care and critical activities. The core of our capabilities come from our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines. This system can automate patient communications using chatbots, automate patient reminders for appointments and streamline office activities like form completion. Any office or patient activities can now be optimized.

Field Cloud
Field Cloud

Digital communication with patients

Digital chat is available on any device and any channel. Our chatbots are integrated with our AI and NLP engine, so automated chat functions are handled by bots without any office staff engagements. Our system gathers the patient’s request and vital information during chat initiation.

Using these details, the chatbots determine how to route the session. In many cases, an automated bot handles the request. Otherwise, the chat session is routed to the right of the resource with visibility. Calls no longer need to come to the office and be transferred between multiple office members, each having to ask the same questions. Patients can chat with a bot to check their account balance, request a specialist referral, or see test results without any staff interruptions.

Improve patient care with chatbots

Discover an enhanced patient experience through a dedicated portal, automated two-way communications, and 24/7 interactive bots. Our AI-driven chatbots gather valuable information about symptoms and medical conditions. Based on their response, these bots triage patients to the appropriate health specialist. Experience the convenience of a one-stop shop across web platforms, allowing patients to inquire about health, schedule appointments, and more.

Field Cloud
Field Cloud

Administrative applications

Administrative errors within healthcare processes often result in erroneous billing, treatment delays, and potential legal complications. Embracing the power of AI-driven automation presents a transformative solution – it optimizes workflows, offers predictive insights, and substantially alleviates the administrative load on healthcare staff. By automating repetitive tasks, healthcare professionals gain valuable time and cost savings, concurrently fostering greater autonomy in managing their workflows.

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