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Intuitive, centralized monitoring platform providing personalized, data-assisted insights to enhance business performance

What is Pulse ?

Pulse is cloud-based, intuitive organizational people analytics platform that captures and monitors user application usage behaviour. Inbuilt pattern identification and data correlation helps organization in achieving an ecosystem of highly improved and measured business processes. Offers appropriate intelligence that empowers you to make well-informed business decisions Supports compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI by not capturing events involving the user’s privacy.

Increase Productivity using User ‘Pulse’ check!

  • Track, Gather and Evaluate User Activities to heal the Productivity Gaps
  • Identify and Enhance Employee Productivity and engagement
  • Automatically detect Security Breaches of protected data, Software Usage abuse using Machine Learning ahead of the time.
  • Analyze User Identity, User Behavior – all at one place

How does Pulse work?

Pulse can be installed by running monitoring agent, MSI Pulse Setup file, on user’s computers/laptops.

After the installation, the monitoring agent with an inbuilt Pattern identification and data correlation automatically observes, analyzes and records website and application activity data for evaluation to heal the productivity gaps.

No matter the location, administrators can check out users browsed applications and their behaviour pattern with ease getting data–backed insights into how your organization gets work done from the users.

Key Drivers

Pulse is a cloud-based, centralized monitoring platform providing personalized, data-assisted staff insights to enhance business performance.

Following are the key drivers of Pulse:


Remote installation

Simple and quick deployment to thousands of workstations using active directory group policy or just download and install.

Activity categorization

Lets users categorize all computer activity through pre-defined or custom-created categories. This gives administrators the power to determine what activities should be labeled (Email, Sales, DevTools, Productive, unproductive etc…)

Raw data access

Every data point that is captured can be exported to build your own custom reports using Tableau, Informatica, PowerBI etc.


View analytics, assign category rules by department as each one works differently. You can also manage the hierarchy of your organization through our inbuilt hierarchy management tool.

Robust, low system profile agent

Installed software doesn’t affect performance of other systems, if there is an internet outage, it will record & store data locally and send it securely while backing up.

Intelligent dashboards & reports

Following reports are displayed that are eay-to-read and easyto-use:
Productivity Report, Top Applications, Top Users, Detailed User Activity Report, Top Websites

Accommodates high volume of data with ease

Our software processes use the latest and advanced technologies to give you uninterrupted performance

Weekly digest

Get a summary of your workgroup activity or behavior at the end of every week.

Why is Pulse required?

  • Profitability by cutting expenses

    App and website usage logs help you determine how many licenses you really need. Audit software metering, plan for future purchases.

  • Achieve better business process efficiency

    Analyze activities yearly, monthly, weekly or daily to understand optimal scheduling and find ways to reduce the number of labor hours needed for the same level of output.

  • Track time & attendance

    Keep track of onsite, offshore, freelancers, contractors or work from home employees. Reduce time theft to save on labor costs by using data to correlate with payroll services.

  • Boost morale by empowering your team

    Unobtrusive way of understanding employee activities and displaying them visually without having to look over someone’s shoulder. Top users report helps you identify and recognize hard and hardly working employees.

  • Prove compliance and audit

    Use data as a proof in legal proceedings. Supports compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI by not capturing events involving the user’s privacy.