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Monitor the Pulse of your organization with AI-powered people analytics

Improving organization-wide productivity starts with collecting the right data and understanding how that data relates to metrics across the business.

StraViso’s Pulse is a cloud-based, intuitive organizational people analytics platform that captures and monitors users’ application usage behavior. Pulse offers appropriate intelligence that empowers you to make well-informed business decisions.

Businesses can record and track all user activity in real-time and analyze user identity and behavior – all in one place. With machine learning algorithms, companies can identify spam, detect fraud, and prevent security breaches and software usage abuse beforehand. Pulse supports GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI compliance by not capturing user privacy events.

Key Features

Manage your workforce more effectively with 360-degree real-time monitoring.

A glimpse of key features of Pulse.

Remote installation

Simple and quick deployment to thousands of workstations using active directory group policy or download and install.

Robust, low system profile agent

Installed software doesn’t affect the performance of other systems; if there is an internet outage, it will record & store data locally and send it securely while backing up.

Activity categorization

Users can categorize all computer activity through pre-defined or custom-created categories. This allows administrators to determine what actions should be labeled (Email, Sales, DevTools, Productive, unproductive, etc…).

Intelligent dashboards and reports

The following reports are displayed that are easy to read and use:

  • Productivity Report
  • Top Applications
  • Top Users
  • Detailed User Activity Report
  • Top Websites

Accommodates high volume of data with ease

Our software processes use the latest and most advanced technologies to give you uninterrupted performance.


View analytics and assign category rules by department, as each works differently. You can also manage your organization’s hierarchy through our built-in management tool.

Weekly Digest

Get a summary of your workgroup activity or behavior at the end of every week.

Work Process


Achieve better business
process efficiency
Real-time monitoring
of resources
Keeps track of
data breach
Performance analytics
of employees
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