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StraViso Verify

Reshape your customer verification process with an AI-powered authentication solution

With digital onboarding in place, small- to medium-sized businesses look forward to scaling in multiple countries without sacrificing fraud detection and speed. Giving customers easier identity management and frictionless and adaptive authentication leads to a faster and safer onboarding experience.

StraViso Verify is a powerful solution that reshapes the verification process. Our modular and scalable platform leverages hyper-automation-infused platforms for its Identity-as-a-Service solution by automating workflows and elevating the onboarding experience of SMBs. Verify helps you digitally onboard vendors, distributors, franchisees, and other stakeholders. By creating end-to-end, AI-powered onboarding journeys that gather valuable insights into your stakeholders faster and more efficiently, you can eliminate paperwork, reduce operational costs, and stay compliant with the ever-changing regulations.

The solution helps solve the challenges associated with ownership identification by easy Over-The-Top API integrations, programming unique AI-driven rule sets, and customizing operational requirements to identify a new account efficiently.

Key Features

Scale up your customer verification strategy and elevate user experience.

A glimpse of key features of StraViso Verify.

Know Your Business Partner

Integrated with advanced technologies, this solution ensures business authentication using valid documents and verifies the business owner’s personal information, followed by a biometric for face recognition.

Know your Worker (Employee or Contractor)

StraViso Verify leverages AI to monitor employees in the workplace, making it possible to track individuals’ behavior in great detail.

Know Your Customer

Hyper automation capabilities of StraViso Verify enable you to know your customers better for creating and maintaining targeted business relationships.

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StraViso Verify
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