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Field Cloud

Unlock unparalleled operational excellence in the field with AI – driven hyper automation

Empower your technicians and help your business improve field management, productivity, and first-time fix rates. StraViso’s Field Cloud leverages AI and hyper-automation to integrate an intelligent mobile platform for field operation enablement. The app enables mobile workers (technicians), back-office personnel, and field supervisors to access, plan, and execute service appointments seamlessly. It displays various applications, from job assignments to inventory tracking, billing, and product training.

Field service operations at your fingertip

Asset Scan and Inventory Management

Field Cloud records and updates inventory and asset data in real-time with an intelligent mobile platform. With real-time asset tracking, automated field service dispatch, and predictive maintenance, Field Cloud helps companies optimize their operations and improve asset utilization. Additionally, the user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards make it easy for field service teams to access the information (inventory data, schedule recurring maintenance for sites, devices or equipment) they need to make informed decisions.

Field Cloud
Field Cloud

Maximize field force productivity

Repetitive task allocation cases are easily replaced with an intelligent dispatching algorithm that considers all essential resource information, including availability, skill level, current location, priorities, and distance between tasks. The platform finds unforeseen time gaps and fills them with queued tasks in real-time. With a full schedule for all employees, dispatchers can focus on more complex issues, and field staff are no longer bothered with idle time.

Seamless customer communication

Field Cloud facilitates communication by empowering customers to self-serve with conversational-AI chatbots. Back-office personnel can manage, monitor, and automate work orders and assign the right field technician to the right task, reducing operational delays and avoiding scheduling conflicts. With real-time notifications, field technicians can update customers about their ETA and arrival status to confirm the customer’s availability. The platform empowers field technicians to deliver Uber-like experiences to their customers.

Field Cloud
Field Cloud

Optimize dispatch and scheduling

Maximize dispatcher and technician productivity while improving SLA compliance with Field Cloud. With a centralized platform field service businesses can seamlessly manage dispatch operations, efficiently allocate resources, track their movements, and communicate with field personnel, and send the right technician to do the right job at the right time.

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Improved efficiency
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Improved CX and
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Optimize field operations and automate field technician’s workflow


Field Cloud

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Augmenting the field service workforce

Manage the complete pipeline of field operations anytime, anywhere.

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