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Transform knowledge into action with an intelligent knowledge hub

Knowledge management is imperative, and gathering the right knowledge at the right time boosts the efficiency of an organization’s decision-making ability.

StraViso’s multi-faceted Knowledge Exchange Hub, KNEWS, is an all-encompassing, intelligent platform that allows users to create, search, and retrieve knowledge resources (business information) – anywhere, anytime!

Key Features

Deliver personalized knowledge base to the users anywhere, anytime.

A glimpse of key features of KNEWS.

Fine-grained access

  • Role management
  • User management

Persona Management

  • Flexible Attributes Management
  • Persona Styles – Reusable persona groups

Smart content marking with personas

  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • Video/Audio files
  • Images

Mark content and create assets to facilitate personalized search

  • Create new content/assets
  • Update already marked content/assets without remapping personas
  • Notify owners/editors and confirm marking
  • Multi-channel Uploaded Content Preview

Multi-channel support for the right content

  • Mobile, Web, Tablet, IoT, IVR etc.

Personalized dashboard

Recommended and trending content as per role.

PMO dashboard

View KNEW’s overall performance.

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