Digital Interactions


Integration of individual specialized knowledge

What is KNEWS?

KNEWS is an all-encompassing, intelligent platform, that allow users to proactively

  • Create
  • Search
  • Retrieve Knowledge Resource (Business Information) anywhere, anytime!

How it works?

Easy to use interface design of the portal allows to create, add and retrieve knowledge base easily.

The functionality of the KNEWS is as follows:

  • Sign in/Sign up on the portal of KNEWS
  • Define users, roles, attributes
  • Create Knowledge Base
  • Text based Knowledge Base
    • Doc
    • PPT
    • PDF
  • Video
  • Image

  • Mark and save the created knowledge base.
  • As per the choice of the platform, and search meta data, knowledge resource gets displayed.
  • Publish content for future search.
  • Personas can be created and managed by authorized individuals using different attributes like devices, roles etc. available to control the access.
  • Each asset will have an owner, who can access the knowledge re-source from any location on multiple platforms.

The key drivers of KNEWS

Easy-to-use, Easy-to-collaborate, Easy-to-find Knowledge Base

  • Boosts organizational agility – Smart content marking to create personalized assets
  • Enhances user engagement, communication and business processes
  • Improves Innovation capabilities
  • Refined results – Organized content with pattern recognition
  • Smooth learning experience – Specific results with self- learning ability
  • Contextual content recommendations
  • Helps users to stay up-to-date on several ever-changing trends and knowledges
  • No complexity in business urgency activities