Digital Interactions


StraViso helps global clients turn business challenges into opportunities. We take a strategic approach to understand your business processes, workflows and interactions between departments and customers

StraViso, a Texas-based software product company, focuses on helping businesses grow revenues, reduce costs, gain efficiencies and improve engagements through its state-of-the-art automation and communication systems.

We accomplish this mission through our products which provide an over-the-top integration between disparate business systems to create a customer engagement and automation platform. It provides companies a unique opportunity to unify and optimize customer engagements, process flows and information access.

Why Customers Choose STRAVISO

  • Time-to-Market

    From kick-off to implementation in as little as 6 weeks

  • Expertise

    Artificial Intelligence, Customer Experience, Ops Transformation

  • Innovation

    Ongoing development and new disruptive solutions

  • Leadership

    Powering Fortune 500 companies since 2017

  • Scalability

    High performance engine designed for small to large enterprises

  • Customization

    Flexible API integration and extendible framework

  • Omni-Channel

    Wide range of channels with SMS, web, mobile, IoT, Alexa, Google Home

  • Deployment

    SaaS, Private Cloud and OnPremise


  • Digital First

    nexus/ Buzz / OmniDesk/ Pulse drives a platformbased digital communication framework

  • Automation

    Lumen, nexus, FieldServe and OmniDesk are all aimed at driving automated solutions

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Leverage Lumen to identify optimal and most common actions

  • Customer Communication

    Buzz, nexus and KnowME improve customer communications