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Ensuring business continuity with AI and hyper-automation

Job volumes around 5G deployments, fibre optics installations, and network maintenance tasks have increased drastically. AI/ML-enabled solutions help the telecommunication industry take its service quality to the next level despite work order spikes.

StraViso empowers Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and enterprise customers across the globe to make faster data-driven decisions and deliver connected experiences for their customers. We leverage our enterprise-grade intelligent product portfolio in field service operations, advanced analytics, business assurance, and fraud management and enhance them with the power of AI/ML and hyper-automation to help CSPs achieve operational excellence.


  • Deliver personalized customer experience
  • Complexities in operational processes
  • Network operations
  • Security & reliability
Work Process

Business Impact

  • 80%

    Increase in TAT
  • 75%

    Increase in FTFR
  • 35%

    Increase in daily jobs

Customer experience management

With AI-enabled chatbots and virtual assistants, businesses can deliver round-the-clock support and assistance to customers without any waiting time. Virtual assistants leverage the power of natural language processing (NLP) and can understand and engage with customers in multiple languages. They interact with customers, comprehend their queries, and deliver accurate responses. They can handle various tasks, from addressing billing inquiries to providing troubleshooting issues.

Intelligent virtual assistants enhance operational efficiency by reducing the burden on customer support agents, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks. With their ability to learn and reduce the turnaround time, virtual assistants can continuously enhance their performance, delivering even more accurate and helpful responses.

Field Cloud
Field Cloud

Network optimization

AI helps to analyze data from network sensors to identify potential problems before they occur. This allows telecom businesses to fix problems and prevent outages proactively. Businesses leverage AI to predict network congestion and proactively reroute traffic to avoid outages. With the help of AI, CSPs build self-optimizing networks (SONs) to support this growth. These allow operators to optimize network quality automatically based on traffic information by region and time zone. With advanced AI algorithms, customers can look for patterns within the data, enabling telecoms to detect and predict network anomalies. As a result, CSPs can proactively fix problems before customers are impacted.


Empower field service operations

On the field force journey, telecom organizations need to have a balancing act between customers and employees. AI-enabled field service solutions help improve the performance of field technicians and their supervisors and enhance the experience of customers and employees.

With smart scheduling and forecasting, telecom businesses can ensure that the right field technician is on duty at the right time.

StraViso’s cloud-ready enterprise-grade field service products help telecom companies streamline their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and manage their workforce efficiently. Our intelligent dispatch and scheduling engine maximizes field force productivity with:

  • Real-time tracking of service requests
  • Smart ticket assignment and route optimization
  • Knowledge management
  • AI-powered 360° Technician Guidance
  • Real-time collaboration between co-workers, customers, and managers
Field Cloud
Field Cloud

Fraud detection and prevention

Telecom fraud involves exploiting telecom networks, services, or systems for personal benefit, ranging from unsolicited texts or calls to hacking, identity theft, and financial fraud. These activities cost the industry billions of dollars each year, but with the right strategies, the telecom industry can reduce its vulnerability to fraud and protect its customers’ data.

StraViso’s AI-powered platforms help telecom businesses combat fraud and persistently identify devices, users, and accounts they can and cannot trust. With real-time analytics, they can interpret data, assess usage, detect new cases, invest in real users and subscriptions, and stay ahead of new and unknown fraud.

Businesses can leverage our NLP algorithms to scrutinize copious amounts of customer communication data to detect anomalous behaviors, thus reducing the potential impact of fraudulent actions by enabling prompt identification and response.

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