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Streamline processes, increase productivity and operational efficiencies with AI


Businesses nowadays have access to an unprecedented amount of information. The challenge lies in transforming this vast sea of data into actionable insights that drive more intelligent business strategies.

With AI/ML, businesses can make data-driven decisions, identify trends, predict future outcomes, enhance efficiency and productivity through process automation, and improve customer experience with hyper-personalization.

StraViso’s AI business solutions provide intelligent recruitment and workforce management with real-time monitoring, predictive analytics and decision-making, fraud detection, and risk management, helping organizations become more customer-centric.


  • Manual and repetitive tasks
  • Making data-driven decisions in real-time
  • Data and device security
Work Process

Business Impact

  • 40%

    operational efficiency

  • 5x


  • 5%

    Increased revenue
    per employee

Enhance candidate experience with smart recruitment

From sourcing candidates, screening their resumes to conducting interviews and assessing skills and talent, recruiters must navigate a wide range of tasks to find the right fit for the company’s needs.

StraViso’s AI-powered apps and ML models allow recruiters to use the power of data to make better decisions. Talent Acquisition (TA) specialists and HR managers can shortlist ideal candidates, automate manual tasks, and streamline the recruitment workflow for more accurate, fair, and efficient hires. No matter how expansive the candidate database is, AI algorithms and rules help match suitable candidates based on their experience and skills with job requirements. Algorithms match all critical criteria outlined in the job description within a few milliseconds, reducing time-to-hire. Chatbots update candidates on job availability and help them track their job applications.

With AI-driven automation and chatbots, staffing businesses can reduce interview wait times, increase response times, maximize recruitment efficiency, overcome recruitment bias, and improve the quality of hires.

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Field Cloud

Build a future-ready workforce with AI-powered people analytics

With our AI-powered people analytics offerings, businesses can manage their human capital in a way that increases productivity and operational efficiency.

Businesses can record and track all user activity in real time and analyze user identity and behavior – all in one place. With machine learning algorithms, companies can identify spam, detect fraud, and prevent security breaches and software usage abuse beforehand.

Elevate client onboarding experience with AI chatbots

Businesses leverage our AI/ML products to save time, improve client service, data mining, and predict outcomes. Our AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants help clients with routine inquiries and guide them through proper business processes. They provide round-the-clock responses to common questions, help schedule appointments, generate essential documents, improve sales, and gather consumer information.

With 24/7 chatbots, potential clients receive timely responses and assistance, even outside regular business hours. This, in turn, increases customer satisfaction and provides a more efficient client onboarding process.

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