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Business needs and customer expectations are evolving at an unprecedented pace. Technology integrations are getting more complex by the day. Utility organizations need more ways to create connected experiences to enable data-informed business decisions in the new normal.

At StraViso, we combine the power of AI, natural language processing, and chatbots to help utility organizations achieve momentum, streamline planning and execution from the field to the back office, and create a connected customer experience. AI delivers granular visibility into a customer’s utility usage at the appliance level. AI algorithms help make sense of the data, translate it into information, and help utility businesses resolve customer problems.


  • High call volume, and workload management
  • Data visibility
  • Delay in scheduling orders and improve delivery SLAs
Work Process

Business Impact

  • 99%


  • 52%

    fuel expenditure

  • 80%

    CSAT score

Asset tracking and maintenance

Our AI-powered solutions can monitor and track all the assets, including on-site equipment, mobile devices, end-user equipment, and personnel, for effective asset management.

Field Cloud, an intelligent mobile platform, records and updates inventory and asset data in real-time. With features like real-time asset tracking, automated field service dispatch, and predictive maintenance, Field Cloud helps companies optimize their operations and improve asset utilization. These proactive monitoring and advanced analytics capabilities detect and even predict faults and schedule maintenance to reduce equipment downtime.

Field Cloud
Field Cloud

Call center virtual assistants

Customer service relies on 24/7 service availability. Higher-than-normal demand due to unexpected outages often causes surges in call volume from affected customers. In call centers, utilities can augment agents with AI as virtual assistants agents. AI-powered assistants answer commonly asked questions, transcribe and translate customer calls, recommend next actions, send outage alerts, and escalate issues to the appropriate contacts—all while reducing the volume of live traffic.

Real-time location tracking for field workforce

With our location intelligence app, supervisors can track and monitor the routes taken by field technicians, off-loading time, check-in and check-out time, and real-time status of their jobs. The capacity planning module provides slot capacity, availability, leaves, overbooking, rebalancing, job type, and travel time.

The AI-based dispatching algorithms help find the most qualified technician for the task and can analyze all possible routes between locations to make even more optimized schedules. It improves capacity management and increases the number of completed jobs daily.

Field Cloud
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