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Redefine your CX & make conversations flow with AI and Automation

Customers today expect faster responses, more personalization, and seamless multichannel communications from the businesses they interact with. StraViso’s Engage Cloud can help your business deliver a seamless, user‑specific journey across all channels and devices. Engage Cloud combines the best virtual assistants and human‑assisted AI into one unified platform for businesses to target customers with the right message at the right time.

360° customer engagement, everywhere, anytime

Intelligent digital workers

Reach out to resolutions through AI-led digital workers that can respond to customer queries and scale the delivery of quality customer service. The Engage Cloud platform combines the best of virtual assistants and human-assisted customer service engagements into one unified Platform – for businesses to target the right customer with the right message at the right time.

Field Cloud
Field Cloud

Personalized customer interaction

Engage Cloud ensures personalized engagements across channels and devices at any time. The platform allows customers to access support features in mobile apps, participate in live chat, video conferencing, or go through knowledge-based articles taking personalization to a new level.

Customized dashboards

Create alerts and automate reporting based on customers’ identified service habits, find high-value customers, or upsell opportunities. Customized dashboards track KPIs and lead to increased performance.

Field Cloud
Field Cloud

Create a 360-degree view of customer data

Connect and access your external data sources to create a 360°view of all customer data, including inventory, purchase orders, product usage, and service history. This allows service agents to pull the most relevant information from the unified service console at the right time.

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Connected customer
Holistic view of
customer data
Improve productivity
and reduce costs
Ready to elevate your business growth

Enhance your customer engagement strategy


Engage Cloud

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