Digital Interactions


Our Customer Engage Cloud Platform gives you the power to deliver an intelligent digital Customer Experience with exceptional 360° engagement.

Engage Customers directly with our  fully-integrated platform for contacting and communicating with customers through bi-directional multi-channel communications and  AI-driven Natural Language-powered BOTs, interfacing directly with your existing systems.

Our dynamic Engage Cloud results in a better view on the customer journey, higher customer retention and boosts customer lifetime value.

The Customer Engage Cloud platform combines the best of virtual assistants and human‑assisted customer service engagements into one unified platform for businesses to target the right customer with the right message at the right time.

Customer Engage Cloud Business Benefits

AI powered engagement solution delivers a superior customer experience, reduces contact center costs, and provides better conversion rates while saving time for your business and customers. The business benefits include:  

Smart Bots: Dynamic Smart Bots with Natural language processing and autonomous decision making to accelerate your workflow.

Conversational AI: Enabled between human & AI so that issues can be directed to bot or an agent as per need increasing customer satisfaction.

Customizable Bots: Self-learning and supervised bots to meet any specific business needs and deliver any desired outcome for a tailored experience.

Omni-channel Experience : With AI Smart Bots engaging intelligently anytime and creating a hybrid environment for an exceptional omnichannel experience.

Collaborate and Communicate: Conferencing with managers and subject matter experts and real time monitoring of chats to improve productivity.

Group Communication: Scheduling Notifications, alerts and Integration with preferred communication system as per customer’s convenience.

Realtime feedback: Proactive tracking of customer responses and feedback for winning customer confidence.

Extend your outreach: Explore our reliable feature for video and audio conferencing, This delivers a seamless connectivity thru chats, webinars and townhalls.

FAQ Automation: Automatically return calls to customer and answer the frequently asked questions day in and day out.