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Intelligent Service Desk Automation

Service Desk is the face of IT Operations to internal and external customers. IT platforms drive every business process, employee interaction, and customer experience. Gartner reports that IT organizations spend 66 % of their resources on a day-to-day operation— purely keeping the lights on. Service managers are bogged down with unstructured processes, fragmented data and manual reporting, and there is no time to even think about innovating. Bringing in intelligent automation is the solution to mitigate these challenges.

What is Service Desk Concierge?

StraViso’s Service Desk Concierge takes a strategic approach to automate your service desk and helps enterprises maximize ROI on these platforms. It primarily focusses on orchestrating complex processes, enhancing user experience and improving employee productivity. The AI driven automation capabilities empower the Service Desk Managers with automation solutions to streamline repetitive tasks.

Discover the power of Artificial Intelligence and Hyper Automation to digitize your Service Desk Operations. Eliminate and Automate manual activities, monitor and improve the Service Agent Productivity and Improve internal and external customer experience using StraViso’s Cloud Based, AI Powered, Multi Lingual Digital platforms. 

Key Features

  • Ticket Triage Automation using Artificial intelligence
  • Right blend of Human Involvement and AI bots
  • 60%+ reduction in manual effort
  • Supports Ticket creation in Your Existing Ticketing Systems (ServiceNow, Zendesk, Freshworks, SolarWinds, ControlDesk etc.)
  • Multi-channel Approach through MS Teams, SMS, Email, Webchat, Robo call
  • Intelligent Call Deflection through automation
  • Configurable Workflow orchestration for Resolution
  • Auto-resolve incoming requests instantly
  • Reduce repetitive work and improve employee productivity
  • Improve employee satisfaction

Why Service Concierge

StraViso’s Service Desk Concierge looks into empowering proactive auto resolution of tasks, incidents and actions by the use of AI powered intelligent service desk automation. Let your employees have an exceptional experience with AI powered Service Desk. StraViso’s Service Desk automation plugs right into your existing help desk tools and ticketing systems effortlessly. StraViso Leverages Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to bring personalized, conversational capabilities in the form of “virtual agents”.

Let Service Concierge optimize your desk
Service Concierge delivers real-time Service Desk management. With our intelligent automation and workbench capabilities, reduce mean time to resolution time while meeting customer service activation expectations.

See Service Concierge for yourself
Would you like to see Service Concierge in action? Contact us today at info@straviso.com schedule a live demonstration of our platform and see how we can revolutionize your business operations.

These virtual agents handle and automate the requests coming via Email, Chat, Phone or other channels. AI and Hyper Automation with integration to relevant backend system interfaces delivers better user experiences across employees and agent interactions. StraViso digital platform of Service Desk Concierge provides complete ecosystem of the AI powered, Cloud Based, Multi lingual Smart Tools specially designed for the Service Desk including library of ITIL/ITSM bots, 100s of notification templates, ticket and task management, knowledge management, digital chat, automated voice calls, SMS and Email communication, mobile app to empower service desk agents and employees for E2E Service Desk Digitization.