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Service Concierge

Empower your existing ITSM platform with future-ready AI-led automation solutions

The Service Desk is the face of IT Operations for internal and external customers and is also a key point of contact between organization users and IT management. IT platforms drive every business process, employee interaction, and customer experience. Gartner has reported that IT organizations spend 66 % of their resources on day-to-day operations – purely keeping the lights on. Service managers are bogged down with unstructured processes, fragmented data, and manual reporting, and there is no time to even think about innovating.

StraViso’s Service Concierge, a personalized and automated omnichannel, elevates user experience using an over-the-top solution driven by AI and Automation. Your employees, whether in the office, remote, or on the go, can interact with the service desk using various devices and channels such as SMS, Email, Chat, etc. Employees can leverage their preferred digital media to get fast and accurate support instead of waiting on calls. With relevant context preserved across channels, cross-trained service desk agents are empowered to handle all requests efficiently.

Key Features

Reach out to the future of service desk.

A glimpse of key features of Service Concierge.

AI-powered Virtual Agents

StraViso’s hassle-free, Over-The-Top solution harnesses the power of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to develop personalized, conversational “virtual agents.” Virtual agents can address requests via Email, Chat, Mobile, or other channels and resolve issues within seconds.

StraViso’s Digital Platform

Provides a complete ecosystem of AI-led, cloud-based, multilingual, innovative tools specially designed for the Service Concierge, including the library of ITIL/ITSM bots, 100s of notification templates, ticket and task management, knowledge management, and much more.

StraViso’s Unified Smart Desktop

StraViso’s Unified Smart Desktop platform and productivity monitoring enable service desk agents to provide faster and more accurate resolutions. It allows help desk agents to log in to multiple applications seamlessly.

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Engage employees
any time anywhere any device
Reduced operational
Faster MTTR with
better SLAs
Monitor and improve
agent productivity
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Service Concierge

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