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Intuitive desktop with a 360-degree view of customer data for personalized CX

One of the major concerns of a contact center is the amount of time agents spend toggling through different applications to find the right information for the customer. On average, one-fourth of an agent’s working hour is spent searching and securing relevant information to lead a contextual call.

When a customer calls, an agent should know and have access to their details on a single screen – which includes the basic information about the customer, their recent purchase, the issue they have been facing, who they talked to the last time, and the resolution status.

Exceptional customer experience is only possible when your agents have appropriate tools and relevant information.

StraViso’s OmniDesk is an intuitive and well-managed desktop platform offering reliable, well-organized information and identification, all at one place, such as outage, assets tracking updates, billing details, etc. OmniDesk eliminates excessive search time required to locate various customer data points, minimizing the complexity associated with the front office/back office technology and application landscape, resulting in a streamlined, efficient work environment.

Key Features

Automate your processes with an intuitive and well-managed desktop.

A glimpse of key features of OmniDesk.

Unified view of customer data

A single glass pane view of all the relevant customer data in one place.


  • Empower agents with the right set of tools to service customers
  • Provide a 360° view of the customer to drive intentional customer experience
  • Provide intelligent analysis to help users identify customer issues


  • Proactively engage with customers through various channels
  • Provide consistent and personalized experience across channels
  • Identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities and drive customer loyalty


  • Enable supervisors and managers with better operational control
  • Gather value insights from various customer touchpoints and interactions
  • Enable agents to deliver on quality, productivity, and customer experience KPIs
Work Process


Reduced average
handling time
Improved agent productivity
and efficiency
process complexity
CSAT scores
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