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StraViso named among 10 Most Promising Digital Transformation Solution Providers for 2020 by CIO Review

February 5, 2020

In the February 5th, 2020 edition, CIO Review magazine named StraViso as one of its 10 Most Promising Digital Transformation Solution Providers for 2020.

The annual review lists the 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Digital Transformation solutions and transforming businesses.

According to CIO Review, “With digital transformation becoming imperative for businesses to survive, the need for agile solution providers is growing in the market. Considering these market trends, CIO Review has shortlisted 10 most promising digital transformation solution providers, who can navigate organizations through the choppy waters of the digitally driven world.

Equipped with sophisticated tools that identify, analyze, and solve real-world challenges, these companies leverage work class technologies to help organizations get started with their digital journey or reach the next level in this realm.”

The CIO Review profile focuses on StraViso leveraging decades of expertise working with global clients where StraViso takes a strategic approach to understanding the client’s business operations and technological infrastructure.

Through its SaaS-based, AI-integrated software products, StraViso enables real-time communication, collaboration and automation of interactions and processes such as customer notifications, response handling, auditing, reporting, employee performance management, and many more.

According to CEO, Subodh Goyal, “It is a moment of pride and pleasure to be awarded 10 Most Promising Digital Solution Providers – 2020. It is an appreciation of all the hard work we put in as a team.”

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