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StraViso named among Most Promising Digital Transformation Solution Providers for 2022 by CIO Review

Holistic Yet Modular AI-Powered Platform

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“Our large enterprise clients can start witnessing benefits and value that our platforms bring in as early as six weeks and then keep incrementally automate their prioritized areas at desired pace” – Subodh Goyal, CEO, StraViso

Large Enterprises strive to create a personalized experience for their customers at every touch point whether it is at home, in the store, online or through other channels however, they are restricted with their old legacy transactional and operating systems which require massive investments to enable such personal experiences. StraViso enables large enterprises to offer an Alexa, Google and Uber like experience without revamping underlying technologies, infrastructure and avoiding investments transformations. StraViso brings customer interactions and company responses together to enable better sales and services across all touchpoints and is always listening so customers and companies can pick up where they left off. Our business operational layer addresses need as they arise and communicates with back-end systems via a light integration offering seamless interactions and transactions. Benefits are delivered daily in measurable metrics and our AI continues to learn and improve those benefits since every day is a new baseline.

Customers want frictionless, pleasant and consistent experience regardless of when, where how and on what channel the interaction takes place. Building positive customer multi-experience necessitates organizations to be proactive in managing all the internal and external touchpoints with dynamic way to orchestrate complex, event driven business services. StraViso enables such personalized multi-experience through fast, secure data exchange between businesses, users, and enterprise IT ecosystems.

However, the organization may lack the capacity to introduce new systems for all the touchpoints and wish to begin with a few essential administrative units, such as the contact center, and gradually automate others to resolve customer queries at the earliest. Automating the touchpoints powered by AI can be the key for organizations to address the customer’s requirements quickly, and StraViso provides just that.

One of the leading SaaS companies, StraViso strives to help large enterprises increase their revenues, reduce costs, gain process efficiencies, and improve customer engagements by leveraging its unique automation and communication systems.

When implementing StraViso’s platforms, organizations can either integrate the complete package or select a few options to drive hyper-automation. “The platforms readily allow our clients to configure and orchestrate different activities, even with the back-office or offline processes, in real-time interaction with their customers,” says Subodh Goyal, CEO, StraViso. Powered by Lumen – an AI engine – the platforms configure and set up digital workers with the same skill sets as a human operator. These digital workers can talk to each other in real-time to ensure consistency and accuracy of the information provided in the conversation with the external customer. Organizations can incrementally select platform functions and features for different business areas and continue their digitalization journey. “Our clients can start witnessing benefits and value that our platforms bring in as early as six weeks and then keep incrementally automating at desired pace,” adds Goyal.

Primarily focused on enhancing operations for large enterprises, StraViso leverages artificial intelligence and automation to enable seamless integration of various business processes including customer interactions. Its low code no code approach provides quicker integration, lower costs and high elasticity.

The entire customer contact journey – traversing from self-service to the contact center agents to experts and to field personnel per business needs – across all channels can be efficiently orchestrated to create the target multi-experience that will maintain user attention in today’s digital attention deficit world. StraViso platforms enable businesses to deliver a fast, trusted, and personalized customer experience.

StraViso’s approach is built on channel agnostic modular or ‘nano-functions’ that can be combined and reused to drive automation of real-time integrations of disparate silos to deliver a coherent customer multi-experience and operational efficiencies across the customer lifecycle. The modular approach enables businesses to selectively turn on the features and dial-up automation levels as needed. The ability for the clients to start with one module and continue to automate different functions becomes seamless. The focus is customer multi experience in this competitive world, and StraViso seems to be well poised to offer a holistic yet modular set of services to help its clients gain their target share of their respective markets.