Digital Interactions


Desktop Automation with StraViso’s Contact Center Cloud

StraViso’s Lumen CLICK Desktop provides a platform to drive Contact Center automation.  Our intelligent Digital Workers are able to:

  • Read data from desktop applications
  • Interact with Agents
  • Interconnect with StraViso bots
  • Operate desktop applications

This powerful platform allows you to build integrated automation to assist in Contact Center time consuming and repetitive tasks.

What is Lumen CLICK?

Lumen CLICK is a StraViso product application that enables a user to interact with any online or offline Windows® based application including desktop native apps, Java, and web applications and automate processes.

It is an application which is running on a user’s desktop and be triggered as and when needed.

No Code Automation

No programming expertise is needed to create automations.

User Initiated Automation

Automations can be triggered by end users whenever they want.

Additional Features

Remote application execution, OCR data retrieval, and multi directional data extraction and insertion.

Through configurable digital workers, Lumen Click continuously monitors agent desktop for automation opportunities.  Once and automation opportunity is identified, Lumen Click can be triggered to begin the automation.

The digital worker, reads data from the desktop and passes information to a digital bot.  If necessary, Auto Assist can open an engagement window with the agent to confirm details or gather additional information.

Depending on the automation, the digital bot can direct Auto Assist to complete activities on the agent’s desktop or directly update company applications.

Why Lumen Click:

On the desktop: Many automations targeted to assist the Contact Center need to run on the agent’s desktop.  Lumen Click runs silently on the desktop waiting for opportunities to help improve operations and issue resolution

Coordinated Automation between agents and bots: Lumen Click manages the automation between the agent and the automation bot, streamlining activities and minimizing agent involvement

Autonomous Assistance: Lumen Click is enable to read application details from the desktop to provide automation details without agent input.  Lumen Click can also complete activities on the desktop without agent intervention.

Let Lumen Click Drives Your Center Automation:

With Lumen Click running on your agent’s desktop, you now have the power to drive automations directly from agent systems while integrating activities across multiple systems and processes.  Lumen Click solves your automation challenges without the need to rewrite or reengineer existing systems.

See Lumen Click for yourself:

Would you like to see Lumen Click in action?  Contact us today at info@straviso.com to schedule a live demonstration of Lumen Click and see how we can revolutionize your Care Center operations.