Digital Interactions


AI and automation technologies have an increasing role in transforming the customer and employee experience. Roadblocks to technology transformation are still significant, such as traditional IT systems that work in siloes, non clarity on accuracy of data and lack of skills, integration challenges with existing systems and tools, lack of knowledge and awareness of next-gen AI tools and lack of training data. StraViso helps businesses combat these challenges and in return grow revenues, reduce costs, gain efficiencies and improve engagements through its state-of-the-art AI and automation systems.

For auto-dealership, StraViso accelerates your business ecosystems to give you a powerful sales advantage to engage in more relevant buyer conversations and achieve revenue goals.

They make it easy for you to convert more leads into opportunities. How StraViso’s AI and automation systems improve your digital journey?
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Increase in Lead conversion

Increase in lead conversions by taking over the repetitive tasks of finding and sorting leads, monitoring the required orders, and communicating with customers and potential customers so your sales team can focus on increasing their conversion rates.

Volume and scale are two of the reasons businesses of all types need to make use of sales automation. With the ease of communication that digital technology provides comes massive opportunities that humans simply can’t respond to efficiently.

Speed to lead is the deciding factor in scoring win rates and thereafter empowering Sales Representative to engage effectively.

Accelerate Sales Productivity

Accelerate sales productivity to focus on revenue generating activities. Engage customers needing preventive maintenance with a fully automated solution. Automatic notifications are sent to customers. AI smart bots fully handle questions and schedule appointments directly.

Streamline Operations like automating customer registrations. Chatbots quickly gather customer details on any device using text or voice or scan and integrate registration details directly into your Retail Management System.
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Improves Customer Engagement

Superior predictive analysis and smart Promotions to Customers for new products or deals. Offerings to customers with chatbots handling FAQ, reminders and scheduling appointments.

Service Outreach. Engage old customers as Factory Warranty comes close to expiration. Deliver digital offers for extended warranty coverage. Remind customers if there is no response. Automatically invoice orders.

Retain Customers. Provide customers with the answers to their questions without calls or coordinator touch. Automate answers to common questions including location details, history, or many other topics. Chatbots use AI and NLP to understand questions and provide fully automated targeted answers.
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