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Service Desk Automation

Adding Value to Your Business! Let AI automate Your Service Desk!

Automate Your Service Desk as the Future is bright and Exciting! There are some service desk tasks that provide easy opportunities for automation and that can have a quick and very positive effect on productivity.

Opportunities for automation in Service desk tool will continue to increase, providing improved business productivity and freeing up IT resources to investigate innovation opportunities for the organization. Remember: Automation does not only reduce costs; automation provides a better experience for both customers and service desk staff.

The overall work-experience this year has proved that remote working is not only possible—it results in high levels of productivity. We have been forced to automate many previously manual processes and provide remote support that we had not thought of in the past. Automation has played a major role in success stories related to this event, we need to keep up the momentum and continue to innovate and automate wherever possible.

Service Desk Automation-A Brief

Hiring and retaining qualified IT teams for support remains a challenge for business. So instead of growing your team and growing the overhead costs, consider increasing your staff efficiency with the help of technology. And that’s where service desk automation comes to the fore.

Benefits of Automation in Service Desk


Eliminate low-value processes and slash support costs

Automation in existing Service Desk can streamline the incoming communication, and help your team avoid dealing with redundant tasks that eat up productive time. Intelligent systems can handle mundane tasks, while your engineers focus on dealing more serious issues.


End-to-end visibility

Gain detailed insights into your service level performance and understand when and why the bottlenecks occur thru AI capabilities. The newly obtained data can be then used to improve your team’s performance.   


Increased productivity

Switching to automated solutions powered by AI leads to a 50% or greater increase in productivity. Error-prone manual processes become faultless, and your team can get their core work done faster, instead of trying to catch costly mistakes.


Superior customer experience

Great support leads to more sales. Customers reported purchasing more after a positive support experience. By adding AI enabled automation to your current Service Desk, you can take the support experience one step further and issue proactive updates to customers.


Omnichannel Experience

You can increase the speed of execution by deploying an omnichannel support experience consisting of AI, human teams and self-service portals, across 24/7/365 support. 



Flexible approach

The use of AI powered automation will help to implement easier practices and more cost-efficient than training your staff to do things “the new manual way”.


Service desk automation is the first step towards IT automation on a larger scale, aimed at improving your teams’ performance

Must Haves for Service Desk Automation

Automated routing for Quick Issue resolution

With automation setting in as an integral part of ticketing system, agents need not determine to which support team, each ticket should be routed to. With the help of pre-defined triggers,  the tickets get intelligently routed and assigned. If this was nothing less, advanced automation such as chatbots, self service user options are also being deployed for paving way to quick resolution while the organization saves on on support resources.

360-degree information across support channels

Automated ticketing system maintains the history of a customer conversation from the start. In addition, even if the customer switches channels – say, from mobile app to email – the system leverages the ticket number or user name to pick up the support discussion at the point where it was previously paused.

 Connected Conversations

This allows customers to engage with your brand in a fluid, continuous dialogue that flexibly picks up the discussion at any time, over any channel. If a customer decides that it’s time to jump to a live-agent discussion, the async-enabled conversation gets fully delivered to the live agent, guaranteeing an informed response.

Triggers to improve efficiency

Automated ticketing systems offer highly flexible trigger creation. Setting time-based triggers to remind your customers about interactions lets them know that you care and maintain high CSAT. On the cost-efficiency side, your time-based triggers can also close tickets automatically after overly long lapses in the support conversation

SLA compliance

Setup special alerts for issues that conflict with your SLA, so that your team can take immediate action. Such tickets should be automatically escalated to the highest priority status and forwarded to a relevant team.

Measurement of Productivity

Receive a 360-view of your team’s performance through one dashboard:

  • Average speed to answer
  • Mean time to resolution
  • Cost per email
  • First contact resolution rate
  • Number of incidents logged on a monthly/weekly basis
  • Number of service requests logged on a monthly/weekly basis
  • Percentage of escalated to problem status
  • SLA compliance rate
  • Lost business hours

Set up customized dashboards for different members of your time. Service desk support managers can receive a more granular view of the individuals’ performance.

Automation of repetitive tasks

Research says, IT departments spend 30% of their time on low-value basic tasks. By using AI enabled automation for such processes, you speed up resolution time for simple incidents like multi-factor authentication setup, password resets, security verification for unlocking accounts and more.

At StraViso, we are committed to helping forward-thinking enterprises leverage AI without getting lost in the growing stacks of technology.


For more information on how automation of your current Service Desk tool can help you achieve your business goals, contact us today to schedule a demo