Customer Engage Cloud

Our Customer Engage Cloud Platform gives you the power to deliver an intelligent digital Customer Experience with exceptional 360° engagement.

Engage Customers directly with our  fully-integrated platform for contacting and communicating with customers through bi-directional multi-channel communications and  AI-driven Natural Language-powered BOTs, interfacing directly with your existing systems. StraViso’s Engage Cloud solution combines the best of virtual assistants and human‑assisted customer service engagements into one unified platform for businesses to target the right customer with the right message at the right time. 

Our dynamic Engage Cloud results in a better view on the customer journey, higher customer retention and boosts customer lifetime value.

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Contact Center Cloud

Our Contact Center Cloud delivers on optimized care center operations.  Utilizing desktop digital assistants, create seamless integrated automations interfacing with your existing systems, speeding issue resolution and increasing customer satisfaction.  Leveraging our Care Center Workbench, isolate and focus care center tasks to speed analysis and proactive responses.

Our Contact Center Cloud infuses AI and Automation to scale up customer experience and build a relationship for a lifetime while reducing Care Center Handle Times. 

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Field Cloud

With the Field Service Cloud empower your service team with mobile automations which connect your remote team with Digital Field Service Assistants that integrate activities with the back-office, existing troubleshooting system and existing IT systems.

Enhance Customer Experiences with outstanding Field Service delivery.  Reduce Field Service calls while improving first-time issue resolution leveraging our AI enabled automations.

It efficiently manages the field tasks and automates field technician’s workflow, enhances job efficiency, reduces operational costs and accelerates customer satisfaction. Capabilities include job tracker, mapping, data capture, on-demand-communication with video chat and asset scanning.

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Ops (Operations) Cloud

StraViso’s Ops Cloud focusses on AI led hyper-automation to enhance the user experience and orchestrate workflows to reduce repetitive manual processes.

Experience operational excellence using StraViso’s intelligent Over-The-Top, cloud based AI platform.

Turn challenges into opportunities using innovative AI solutions to orchestrate your complex business challenges, get empowered to run your operations more efficiently, and gain a competitive edge.

Ops Cloud Concierge provides enhanced Orchestrators:

  • O2A Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Event Manager
  • LNP Manager

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Market Place

StraViso’s myAutomationHub is a one-stop-shop digital catalog of automated workflows for business users, automation COE stakeholders,  IT teams to search, subscribe, configure, build and manage intelligent automations.

StraViso leverages AI driven automation to meet your needs.

We help large organizations in their digital and automation journey by making it easy for the employees to find relevant automations and easily subscribe, onboard and begin using the automation.

Business Users can either choose from the available pre-built automations or build their own with intuitive learning.
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